Summer Resident Staff

Summer Resident Staff

The Resident Staff position is key to enabling Camp Lake Louise to operate throughout the summer. Resident Staff are expected to take responsibility for roles in the kitchen, at the waterfront, and other daily operations of the camp. These positions included but are not limited to: Kitchen assistants, Maintenance, Lifeguards..etc.

General Resident Staff Job Description


Health Officer

The health officer is a vital role at Camp Lake Louise as this position is one that is required by state licensure.  This position requires a great deal of organization, responsibility, and self-motivation.  This person is available as needed by campers any time camp is in session.

Health Officer Job Description


Head Cook & Kitchen Manager

The cook is a vital role at Camp Lake Louise.  This position requires a great deal of organization, responsibility, and self-motivation.  This person is handle all the meal planning, weekly food orders, and providing a great dining experience for all our campers.

Head Cook Job Description


Psalm68Five Mentor

This person will play a vital role in demonstrating the love of God to all campers, but especially to those attending camp as recipients of the Psalm68five Scholarship. This person will teach these campers the important role of God as their father and how this relates to their everyday life. This person will keep notes of interactions with campers throughout the week and use these notes to complete reports relating to these campers and the Psalm68five program.

Psalm68five Job Description

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Summer Internships

Camp Lake Louise is forming and has formed partnerships with several colleges and universities to offer summer internships for students. We will work with you and your school to see if we can meet the needs required for your internship experience. We understand that each college and university has different internship expectations. Every Internship is a paid role with room and board provided.

2019 CLL Maintenance Internship

2019 Camp Office and Social Communications Internship

2019 Program Assistant Internship

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